Data Protection

BASIC INFORMATION FOR DATA PROTECTION: In order to fulfill or legal duty to inform the interested parties regarding circumstances and conditions for treating their data and their corresponding rights, we provide you the following data.


PURPOSE OF DATA TREATMENT: Include your candidature in future selection procedures of the company.

FILING AND DATA MAINTENANCE: The data shall be kept during a 6-month period since the curriculum reception. After such period, the company will destroy the curriculum except that you have sent an update previously.

LEGITIMATION FOR DATA TREATMENT: Explicit consent given under the acceptance of the conditions of our form use.

ADDRESSEES OF PERSONAL DATA: It is not permitted to transfer the data except in those cases in which such transfer is legally binding. There is no forecast of international data transfer.

RIGHTS: You can revoke the agreement and exercise your rights to access, rectify, oppose, limit, keep and suppress data, writing to Herta Security, S.L., in Pau Clarís Nº165-4ºb, 08037 Barcelona (Barcelona) apart from coming to the competent control authority (AEPD).