The daily flux of people who move around in different means of transportation is immense. Crowded areas – such as airports or train stations – are places where crime is habitually prevalent, and systems for the identification of individuals can be sometimes difficult to apply, due to the high volume of people.

In this sense, Herta’s facial recognition with video-surveillance facilitates to take advantage of the existing network of cameras to search for specific individuals in crowds. These are usually systems operated by the police who work uninterruptedly, with the possibility to carry out 60 million comparisons per second, against a suspect database.

Facial Recognition solutions can also be used as physical barriers, such as when crossing country borders in airports. Whilst the use in passport control is seldom, Herta’s solutions can now detect and identify a person, even when they have large facial occlusions such as face masks. Amidst COVID-19, people are far more reluctant to fly given the increased risk of contagion – therefore airports can ease travellers’ concerns by adhering to the most strict health precautions, such as not removing the face mask for verification at passport control.

Why Herta

Video Search · Alerts on mobile devices · Multiple watch-lists · High accuracy · Passenger identification · Passenger flow analysis



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Real-time monitoring


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Contactless identification


Barriers and border controls


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