Advanced facial expression analysis for the study of human behavior in videos


BioObserver is a facial analysis solution for the automatic detection and annotation of a person's emotional states and micro-expressions.

It is a non-invasive software for the individual, since it is based on image processing techniques. It is able to detect basic facial emotions such as “joy”, “sadness” or “anger”, and also more subtle micro-expressions of the face such as “frown”, “blink” or “eyebrows raise”.

BioObserver also allows to extract the direction of the gaze and the orientation of the head, to monitor behavioral metrics such as the degree of attention of the individual. In addition to automatically tagging the extracted facial information, the platform allows you to configure additional annotations of events and frames that are considered of interest.

  • Recognition of 7 basic facial emotions
  • Recognition of 18 facial micro-expressions
  • Tracking of gaze direction and head orientation
  • Intuitive interface: Configurable emotional dashboard with advanced visualizations
  • Automatic analysis and labeling in real time or on pre-recorded video
  • Possibility of recording other relevant events
  • Results exportable to PDF

In addition to the OnPremise version BioObserver Cloud offers the following features:

  • Subscription based payment modelBioObserver Cloud
  • One account Multiple User at the same timeBioObserver Cloud
  • Cloud Video Storage Space on demandBioObserver Cloud

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