Sports stadiums are often subject to hooliganism and vandalism, and as places where a large number of people congregate, any incident can have serious consequences on audience safety, and hence repeat visits.

Currently people who are prohibited from entering stadiums manage to flout this prohibition with impunity. Conventional security systems are not able to limit the access of specific individuals to stadiums due to the fact that entrance tickets are not usually registered to a name.

Facial Recognition allows you to scan a stand or crowd, and instantly spot blacklisted people, automatically adding offenders to the blacklist. The technology can realize a survey, in real time, of all the faces at a specific access point and send an alert if it detects the presence of any person whose entry to the enclosure is not authorized.

What’s more, the crowd can be scanned for demographics, so that advertisements can properly target the demographic that is present that specific day. This data can be fully anonymized to offer organisations valuable information while protecting fans’ or attendees’ privacy.

However, to avoid the entrance of blacklisted people at all, stadiums or events can position access control systems that auto-enrol subjects as they enter – recognising them with a facemask and ensuring they are wearing one – whilst automatically denying access to previous offenders.

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