The work of Law Enforcement Agencies involves using all the mechanisms within their reach that could help them in their daily endeavors. Amongst these mechanisms, technology has become a customary tool for Governments.

Government Law Enforcement agencies regularly need to instantly spot blacklisted people or suspected criminals. Facial Recognition also allows you to analyse crowds at critical areas such as crowded transportation stations, busy squares or plazas, outside government buildings or embassies, or other locations that are commonly targeted by criminal or terrorist organisations. What’s more, they often require a portable facial recognition system, like police surveillance from a car.

In a similar vein, whenever a suspect is identified by a witness, police can search pre-recorded footage up to 20x faster than real-time by using Herta’s solutions. Not only can they locate the offender, but they can also see the number of appearances of a suspect in a pool of videos, the movement route of the suspect, and can use facial recognition software to help witnesses validate the identity of the offender. All of this can be executed from an extremely large database of subjects without latency.

Create a safe environment by protecting citizens from criminals, locating missing people and identifying offenders. Because security is one of the most appreciated assets.

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