Retailers need to resolve the problem of the frequent thefts that take place in shops. This type of crime is characterized by the fact that it is usually the same people who repeatedly commit these infringements. Consequently, having a system at their disposal that makes it possible to identify this type of subject in the most vulnerable places ends up being fundamental to avoid losses of revenue. The existence of databases with the faces of recurring offenders can help when facing this problem. What’s more, centralised alert management and database of subjects means a fully scalable solution across an unlimited number of branches.

On the other hand, there is also a growing interest in identifying the demographics of a business’s customers. There is the possibility to extract statistics on the demographics of your in-store customers – such as gender, age range, accessories – whilst also clocking key information such as influx rate and average time spent in store. With this data, retail shops can build dashboards that mesh this data, with other key information such as the date, month, and weather on the day to determine under which circumstances they generate the most in-store revenue and hence configure their KPIs on an ongoing basis.

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