Video analysis for retail


Face analytics is useful as a means of detecting and identifying an individual, but it is also an excellent tool for learning more about your customers.

Through Deep Learning, BioMarketing algorithms are able to automatically extract and encode the most relevant information from the face, making it possible to gather different customer statistics.

BioMarketing allows you to profile visitors based on their face. This deeper understanding of your prospects is key to success and helps maximize your return on investment.

BioMarketing can also be integrated with digital marketing devices for targeted advertising. In addition, it is a solution that protects the anonymity of individuals, thus complying with data protection laws (GDPR).

All this information is also collected in an online dashboard that allows the user to have live information on the behavior of visitors in their business:

People counting

Know the number of visitors in your store in real-time

Visitor profiling

See how many adults, children, men or women visit your store

Dwell time

Have knowledge of the average time spent by customers inside your shop

Customer recurrence

Understand how many times per week, month or year a customer visits your business


See the level of occupancy of your business to ensure a healthy environment

Conversion rate

Know how many visitors enter your store and leave with a purchase

Hot areas

Similar to heat mapping, you can gather information of which areas are the most visited or which entrances have greater influx of people

Targeted digital advertising

Adapt the content of your advertising to the real viewers

Privacy compliance

Respect your customers privacy with anonymous face analytics that are GDPR compliant.

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