On average, casinos have to identify more than 15 individuals per day for a diverse number of reasons. Firstly, reducing turn-around time for personal identification in the casino has been a frequent request of the security personnel and managers for many years. What’s more, casinos rely on analysing CCTV surveillance in real-time to instantly spot black-listed people or suspicious behaviour. Today, these demands can now be satisfied – with the use of facial recognition systems for video analysis.

Casinos – and the gaming sector in general – must determine which individuals are not authorised to enter, particularly in countries where there is no national identity card. Access control at the entrance of the casino will automate the security process, blocking entry for blacklisted subjects and automatically granting access for pre-registered members.

In these scenarios, there is also a need to identify the presence of VIP customers. Facial recognition technology can be of great assistance in this sense, through the use of so-called whitelists.

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