COVID-19 Tech Solutions

The global pandemic has created a new crisis with new needs. This is why we believe that extraordinary situations need accurate solutions to control the COVID.

Social Distancing

Avoiding crowds and crowded spaces will be a new normality in our daily lives, as part of social distancing to avoid the spread of the pandemic. Our crowd density application monitors the proximity of individuals in a crowd, by focusing on a specific frame of a chosen monitored area, and sending an alert when a high density is detected.

Occupancy Control

Another post-pandemic preventative measure is reduced venue capacity, whether it be a workplace, a cafe or a shopping mall. Business owners will be liable for ensuring that their capacity abides by local laws and restrictions. Keep your business safe through maintaining the correct capacity.

Mask Detection

We know you care about your clients and staff and want to ensure that their environment is kept safe. We also know in many countries citizens are required to wear a mask while inside certain establishments. Use this module to make sure that everyone protects themselves and others around them by wearing a face mask.

Subject Identification

At Herta, we have now taught our algorithms to be able to detect and identify subjects even with large facial occlusions which means we can now identify people even when they are wearing a mask. Companies using BioAccess as their access control system will no longer require subjects to remove their mask in a potentially high-risk zone, such as in an airport or a busy lobby. Keep a healthy and safe environment, whilst protecting your premises at the same time.

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