Quality Management System, Integrated Policy and Information Security

In light of the growing competition in the sector of technology and the greater demands from customers, HERTA's management considers that the security of information and quality in its management system is to be considered a fundamental aspect and therefore aims to obtain products and services that are recognized for their quality, with flawless levels of reliability, ensuring the correct levels of confidentiality of information, as well as data integrity.

Of course, the availability and continuity of service are strategic objectives of our Integrated System, which offer a rapid response and thus achieve full satisfaction and exceed customer expectations and are recognized in the sector, establishing a commitment to continuous improvement.

As a software development company in facial recognition, our objective is that the quality and security of the product we offer should be a true reflection of the expectations of each client and of the interested parties, ensuring the consequential success in the future of the company.

In order to reach said objectives, the management provides the appropriate resources for the maintenance and improvement of the Integrated System of QUALITY and SECURITY OF INFORMATION. It participates actively in the establishment and monitoring of strategic objectives; of the QUALITY AND SECURITY, as well as in the revision of the Integrated System, and also carries out the necessary formative actions in the field of Information Security and Quality in management.

In all its activities HERTA preserves a firm compliance with the legislation in force and especially with that which relates to the protection of personal data and the provision of our products and services, along with a compliance to the contractual commitments acquired with its clients and third parties.

In order to implement the above, HERTA Management are aware of the importance of quality in the management of our system and Information Security, and have decided to implement an integrated Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 27001 AND 9001, in our procedures.

This management declares and accepts the following principles:

  • The quality in our management and information security is a common task of all areas of the company. Each member of HERTA is responsible for the quality and the Information Assets of their work. The management is responsible for promoting the implementation of this integrated policy and the objectives of Quality and information security, checking its accomplishment by means of audits.
    The application of this Policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of the company. To achieve this, Management considers motivation and training to be of top priority.
  • The Management team embrace the commitment to comply with the requirements and continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system.

In order to respect this policy, and to head in a determined and fixed direction Leadership and consequently the development and well-being of the people who make up the organization, must hold present the two aspects that will help us in achieving this objective:

  • The correct identification of errors is the only route towards continuous improvement.
  • The organization is a chain and each one of us is a link, our teamwork and our strong commitment is what makes us different and is what makes us unique.