Herta Enterprise Support

Our maintenance and support services ensures that your software version is always up to date and within its optimal performance.


Maintenance and Support Services

We understand the importance of prompt and properly managed support. We offer all clients full support – over the phone and through e-mail. We guarantee that all you requests are dealt with and carried out on time.

Software Maintenance and Support

Although all our software is developed to reduce the need for post-installation support, we strongly believe it makes you feel safe and secure with your product. Herta has always considered customer service and support as being critical to doing business.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding level of support we provide. Our expertise enables the team to quickly answer any questions you may have and deliver the highest level of service.

Software maintenance includes:

  • Bug Fixing
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Product Enhancement and New Features
  • Performance Improvement

Our Herta Enterprise Support is the best choice for our clients, providing with the following core capabilities:

  • COLLABORATION: Easy interaction with Herta Experts through HES Premium Contact Channels.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Build the necessary skills through the Herta Training Portal.
  • INNOVATION and VALUE REALIZATION: Receive continuous innovation updates and patches for our solutions and for better integration capabilities.
  • MISSION-CRITICAL SUPPORT: Protect your business continuity and the success of the project with mission-critical support for incident management, including service level agreements and commitments for corrective action plan proposals.

HES is an on-demand service and is the Herta service you need once the initial one-year free coverage we provide is has ended. Please contact your Herta Account Executive to get your project under HES now or simply contact us on sales@hertasecurity.com

For information about the service level agreement and more, please check our Software License Maintenance Agreement.