one face unmeasurable data in facial recognition

May 24, 2016

One face: Unmeasurable data in Face recognition

If you are into the marketing world, I am sure that you will pay special attention when you hear about “analytics”. Marketers use many different analytics tools to get reports that help them determine the failure or success of their marketing campaigns, and they know that this is the key to success which helps maximize business decisions.

Even programmers and developers who are about to miss a click on this blog post at the simple mention of the word “marketing”. But do you guys really know how analytics can help your work as well? Just imagine the amazing opportunities you have to create applications that can collect and provide such valuable statistics that users will truly love.

How can facial analytics help understanding your clients better?

Face biometrics is useful in as a means of detecting and identifying individuals, but it is also an excellent tool for learning more about your customers.

We are in the era of Hi-Tech. The amount of data you can extract with technology is incomparable to the one you could collect in the physical world. Until now, the only way we could obtain information from our customers was done through human interaction, collecting manually their data through Internet, business cards or asking a few questions. This method only captures information from those customers who buy, but not from those who leave without buying.

Facial analytics enables you to classify individuals based on their physical appearance. This deeper knowledge is very useful, especially if you are also able to know more about not only your current but also your potential customers. And this is what facial analytics is all about: identifying, collecting and classifying information of people going through their daily lives, who breathe and feel – real people.

What can you learn from a face?

Our cutting-edge system allows you to collect information about people walking around your store, or people looking at your marketing displays.

This technology lets you answer questions such as, how many women vs men have been here today? How long have they been for? What product are they more interested in? Which day of the week has more customer affluence?

Facial analytics extract useful information from your clients such as gender, age range, if the person has been there before, if the person wears glasses or if the person is listed as a VIP or in a Blacklist.

But do you know what is the best part of it? That there is no facial recognition, all this information comes only from face detection. Our algorithms allow you to get all this information just by a simple detection, in movement and in real-time.

How can we use all this data?

Imagine you are an owner of a Shopping Mall. It is Tuesday morning and analytics show you that there is a 25 years old woman looking at your display. Automatically the Phillips beard razor ad will switch to a beautifully prepared video of a Swarovski necklace. The girl shows particular interest in the display and jumps into another level to include how nice that necklace would look like if combined with a black handbag, it just takes her breath away.

Imagine now you are the owner of this jewelry shop and you see the exact moment where your VIP client Mrs. White comes into the shop, you will personally assist her and provide her with special and personalized offers. What if you see a person that committed shoplifting before? You will notice and his entrance will be automatically denied.

This permanent acquisition of customer statistics is also useful for example for Christmas Campaigns, for store layout and product positioning, segmentation of the objective target, etc.

So here you have all the reasons why hi-tech facial analytics gives you many and tremendous potential to boost your ROI and open a new path to hi-success.

Written by: Laura Blanc Pedregal

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