access control technology facilitates user management at any time

February 18, 2020

Herta explained access control technology in RTVE

Herta had the pleasure of participating in “Objetivo Tokio” de RTVE television show, in which we explained how access control technology facilitates user management at any time and allows users to be enrolled by video capture (on-the-fly). This technology works well even with partial occlusions of the face, the use of glasses, scarves or caps, changes in facial expression and moderate rotations of the face, and does not allow the impersonation of users through photographs.

At the JJ.OO. de Tokio 2020, facial recognition will be used to manage the entry to the various venues in the Olympic Village for all accreditted staff, athletes and journalists. In the sports sector, facial recognition is also used to control the access of trouble-makers or people of interest.

There is no doubt that these Tokyo 2020 Games will mark a change in the technological revolution of the sports sector.

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