March 3, 2023

Herta wins the first prize in the application of ethics and privacy to facial recognition technology at the MWC23 Hackathon​

On the second day of the Mobile World Congress 2023 took place the facial recognition Hackathon organized by Digital Future Society in which Herta participated together with other companies.

This Hackathon consisted of an intense day in which the participating companies had the challenge of developing and demonstrating in live different methodologies that allow facial recognition technology to adapt to the current ethical guide of the AI Act of the European Union.

At the end of the day the jury team made up of 9 experts in the field of AI, cybersecurity, privacy and European regulations, concluded that Herta led the compliance with biometric regulations in ethics and privacy rights.

This is a pioneering award at an European level that aims to reward the monitoring of standards in the implementation of a technology that adheres to ethical and human rights.

“We would like to thank the Spanish Government and the Secretary of State for Artificial Intelligence for giving us this award,” highlighted Javier Rodríguez, CEO of Herta, “as it honors the efforts that Herta has made in this field to be able to achieve a technology with the necessary transparency to the citizen, to provide excellent accuracy and quality to end users and to comply with current regulations within the European Union at the same time”.

With this award, Spain positions as a pioneer country in the implementation of good practices in the use of artificial intelligence and Herta is reaffirmed as a leader in this field.

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