Safe City project with facial recognition in Phuket

December 14, 2017

Safe City project with facial recognition in Phuket

The international facial recognition company Herta has been awarded with a project to install their solutions in the city of Phuket, Thailand.

The Safe City project has been implemented in partnership with Point IT. Herta has provided its facial recognition solutions for the project, which also included other requirements such as a command center, a smart card system, a high speed network link and automatic license plate recognition.

The focus of the project is to secure the city and make it safer for the citizens through these innovative implementations. At the security checkpoint, the policemen use their mobile phones to take a picture of all of the passengers on the vehicles accessing the city. Then, the picture/video streaming is transferred via wireless AP to the network of Herta’s BioSurveillance NEXT system. Every time a blacklisted subject is detected, the system sends an alarm to the mobile phones of the security guards.

“We are very proud to provide leading facial recognition solutions for the safety of an entire city. It is a great opportunity that will bring more projects in other cities during the upcoming months. We are very confident that Herta’s software performance, technological capabilities and global experience will solve the strong needs of safe city projects like Phuket’s”, says Javier Rodríguez, Herta’s CEO. “Our partner Point IT has great local understanding and has proved to be an excellent partner. We strongly believe these are the first steps to bring new value to the safe city projects worldwide.”

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