August 8, 2023

The Colombian National Police chooses Herta’s facial recognition software to strengthen security in the country

The Colombian National Police has taken an important step towards improving public safety and the effectiveness of identifying people with legal requirements by selecting facial recognition software from the Spanish company Herta.

Aware of the growing need for advanced technologies to face security challenges, the Colombian National Police has chosen to partner with Herta for the city of Medellín, a leader in the development of facial identification solutions and a pioneer in its field.

Herta’s facial recognition software will allow the Colombian National Police to speed up the identification of people wanted by the justice system in various situations, which will translate into an effective tool to fight crime and improve security in the country. This advanced technology will make it possible to quickly and accurately identify those individuals who present legal requirements, thus optimizing resources and time in police operations.

In this regard, the Mayor’s Office announced the commissioning of 80 intelligent facial recognition cameras, located at strategic points in the city, public transport and places with the greatest influx. These cameras have integrated a database that contains the profiles and identification by facial comparison of 19,000 people, required with current arrest warrants and which is expected to considerably increase the operation and effectiveness of the authorities in the search for those responsible for crimes. high impact

Herta’s software stands out for its precision and ability to handle large databases, which is essential for an institution like the Colombian National Police, which faces a wide range of challenges in the field of security and public order. .

The implementation of Herta’s facial recognition software reinforces the commitment of the Colombian National Police in the adoption of innovative technologies that improve security in the country and contribute to the well-being of society.


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