October 10, 2022

Video analysis solutions for retail

Video surveillance is common in stores and shopping centers to offer greater security to their customers and to have evidence of incidents that may occur. But artificial intelligence, in full bloom and with increasing applications in our daily lives, allows us to obtain much more from a simple security camera.

Herta, a company specializing in facial recognition for security, access control and retail; and Neural Labs, a company focused on vehicle access control, cities and intelligent transportation systems and logistics, combine their latest generation innovations to offer benefits that mark a before and after in the management of shopping centers and the retail sector.

What does the joint use of Neural Labs and Herta’s retail solutions offer?

The solutions have two main aspects: security and obtaining data of interest for decision making.

1. Security features

Warnings about trouble makers and their vehicles
By integrating with a VMS and comparing the images with “blacklists”, warnings are generated for the store’s security managers. In addition, it is possible to extract an image of the person leaving or entering their vehicle in order to link them.

Incident resolution in stores
By offering historical searches of people, through forensic analysis of a recorded video in a VMS, and of vehicles according to license plate, color, brand, type of vehicle, time zone.

Search for people of police interest, criminals or missing persons and/or their vehicle
Through the integration with the center’s own or third-party databases, individuals can be located in real time.

On-site tracking of an individual
Through an image of the individual from a previous alarm or a registration in the database, the individual can be located in real time.

Access control for people or vehicles
By integrating solutions to manage barriers or bollards, access control to the facility is improved.

Preventing fraudulent vehicle damage claims
By extracting images of the vehicle as it enters the retailer’s parking lot, it can be demonstrated whether or not damage was caused to the vehicle during its time in the premises.

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2. Data collection features

Historical and real time parking statistics on:

– Occupancy: can be differentiated according to zones, days and time intervals.

– Average parking time: can be differentiated according to zones, days and time intervals.

– And more data that can be displayed in an historical or real-time dashboard.

Statistics of visitors within the establishment:

– Counting.

– Occupancy and average dwell time.

– Recurrence.

– And more data accessible on a dashboard accessible online.

Detection of VIPs and their vehicles:
Being able to offer alerts upon their arrival.

Average number of people for each parked vehicle.

Percentage of people arriving by vehicle or arriving on foot.

Statistics of average stay in the car park compared to average stay in the shop:
Very useful information to know if the retailer’s car park is used for any other purposes besides shopping.

Customer knowledge:

– Age and gender.

– Data on their vehicle: (brand, color, type…) and even vehicles without number plates (bicycle, scooter…). These can be useful to detect their economic situation, their tastes, etc.

Customer segmentation with targeted advertising
According to the data mentioned in the previous point.

Detection of entrances with greatest affluence.
Essential information to determine: advertising prices at these points, rental prices of premises in shopping centers or to select the location of certain products according to how much you want to promote their sale.

Detection of establishments with greater or lesser affluence within a shopping center.

Using Herta and Neural Labs solutions together provides great flexibility as they adapt to multiple needs and are also backed by the reliability of these two companies, owners of their own technology and with decades of experience in the sector.

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