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September 29, 2020

Top 10 benefits of facial recognition in universities

As we all know and still feel, COVID-19 has startled many sectors – one of them being the education sector. Today, universities and colleges are seeking for technological innovation to re-open their campuses safely for the already started school year. Undoubtedly this is a significant challenge for everyone working directly at a university or indirectly, especially for the administrators and security teams. It’s of utmost importance to provide students, staff, employees, visiting parents and family members with a hygienic, seamless and preferably touchless, high-assurance identity management starting in physical access control.

Facial recognition is one of the main technological innovations that is helping to fight the spread of COVID-19 in the education sector. It’s being implemented to secure classrooms, building dormitories, athletic facilities, cafeterias and other entrances in several universities. Many other universities have already started evaluating the technology as it offers real advantages when it comes to security and becoming a COVID-19 proof organization. Below a list of the benefits:

Benefits of facial recognition in the education sector:

  • Highly accurate and secure, even with masks
  • COVID-19 Proof (touchless)
  • Affordable (implementation can be finished within a week)
  • Hygienic
  • Results in great student experience
  • Provide traceable accountability
  • Flexible and scalable to multiple locations
  • No misplaced or stolen badges
  • No forgotten passwords
  • Integration with existing access control systems is painless

Bonus benefits:

  • Existing wiring from a card-reader can be re-used for single or dual-factor authentication
  • Simple enrollment of new students, staff or visitors

The benefits that technological innovation can bring is clear, however where do you start when you actually want to deploy quickly without expensive consultants or integrators or run a fast Proof of Concept? How can you be sure that the already made investments in for example hardware or badges can still maintain its usefulness? How can you avoid beginners’ mistakes during a facial recognition project?

We at Herta have been in the business of facial recognition for the past 10 years and have gained experience thanks to our role in more than 200+ high risk and complex facial recognition projects. Furthermore, the know-how of our experienced team in the education sector is profound and references can be shared upon request. Herta technology is most praised for its user experience, speed, accuracy, value for money, ease of integration and its global ecosystem.

Start your evaluation/proof of concept today by getting in touch with me for a Zoom session.

Written by: Tarik Alaca, EMEA Sales Director

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