facial recognition Safety and Security in a Post Pandemic World

April 29, 2021

The importance of Safety and Security in a Post Pandemic World

The arrival of Covid-19 has created a variety of challenges for different communities and businesses. In businesses, safety is of significant concern for stakeholders as it is not easy to prevent criminal activities given Covid-19 protocols.

The new normal for post-Covid-19 businesses includes the use of contactless technology standards in order to guarantee employees wellbeing.

One of the latest technologies that can help with security is the Facial Recognition Access Control System. This software can verify a person’s identity even if they are wearing a mask, hence grant their access if this criteria is met.

Let´s discuss how the post Covid-19 world will look and how much impact the facial recognition technology has.

Post Covid-19 World

Although offices, factories, venues, and retail stores have started opening, and activity levels are likely to return to normal soon, signs are indicating that some aspects of this pandemic lifestyle will remain with us for some time.

This is why businesses will need to adopt contactless access control systems as part of their physical security in order to ensure the health and safety of both visitors and staff.

What is Facial Recognition Access Control?

Face Recognition with Access Control is a vital tool due to its contactless nature and high-accuracy index. Before integrating it into your premises, you should first understand its functionality.

This system can be configured to check the face of any person who passes in front of a camera and determine whether the person is wearing a mask or not before letting them enter a certain area. In hospitals, banks, factories, pharmacies, schools, and security areas, this device can be used identify people and grant access only to those with permission.

Face Recognition and Covid-19

For the following reasons, Face Recognition has now become the new normal:

  • It can ensure contactless access.
  • Facial Recognition software improves identification accuracy.
  • Prevents criminal acts or negligence.
  • Monitors the attendance of your staff.
  • Ensures all visitors and employees wear masks.

What are the major benefits of an access control system?

There are some extremely important benefits of this technology. The advantages of this tool are not limited to its accuracy but can also be found in its power to transform business processes related to security and health protocol compliance.

Let’s discuss some of the major advantages:

  • As visitor identity can be verified directly, high security for buildings is achieved.
  • Users can self-enroll in the system, saving time.
  • The absence or presence of a face mask can be detected.
  • Affordable cost of maintenance and installation.
  • It can be easily integrated with third-party systems.
  • It takes less than 2 hours to have it up and running.

What are the factors you should consider when purchasing?

Let’s get straight into some of the major factors you should take into consideration before acquiring Facial Recognition for Access Control.

  1. Sufficient lightening for outdoor use.
    If the desired installation location is outdoors, direct sunlight is a key factor you need to look at. Sunlight can affect the camera and force it to slow down. It would helpful to ask the manufacturer about the ideal lighting conditions for your camera to ensure it will function optimally.
  2. Anti-spoofing technology.
    For face recognition systems to work properly, they should differentiate between a photo of person and a real face. This is called anti-spoofing, and when purchasing a Facial Recognition Access Control system, you should know Herta’s latest version of BioAccess includes this feature.


If we look for one major takeaway from this piece, it might be that Facial Recognition for Access Control has proven to be a breath of fresh air for businesses. It not only helps by decreasing the probability of infection but also provides needed security.

If you would like to learn more about the new functionalities above mentioned, do not miss our upcoming webinars where we will dive through them!

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