Herta Security receives Europe Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for biometrics excellence

February 17, 2020

Herta Security receives Europe Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for biometrics excellence

The original article can be found in this link from Biometric Update.

Herta Security’s biometric facial recognition and detection deployment has been recognized with the 2019 Europe Customer Value Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan, following an overview of the European biometric surveillance solutions market.

Herta Security has a growing customer portfolio which includes government, transportation, finance and sport event venues, where it deploys facial recognition-enabled IP cameras and security platforms without having to replace existing hardware.

Herta Security is the only company based in Europe that leverages GPU edge analytics, the company claims, providing real-time monitoring and incident alert functions when suspicious activity is detected. Deployed in the cloud, the technology reduces spending associated with storage and servers, and comes with opportunities for demos, automatic software updates and renting.

The company has offices in Spain, Singapore, and the United States (Los Angeles, California).

“Herta stands out for its customer-focused culture in the facial recognition space. Its solution allows customers to continue using existing surveillance techniques and IP camera hardware, helping them lower their CAPEX,” noted VanZandt. “The company strives to be the leading biometric surveillance solutions provider to governments, delivering real-time facial recognition and detection deployment to thousands of cameras on a global scale.”

The Frost & Sullivan award recognizes companies for providing strategies that deliver added-value for customers and that demonstrate leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. In Herta Security’s case, it acknowledges its biometrics excellence and the focus on customer service, retention and base expansion.

“The high-tech facial recognition, deep learning algorithms, and GPU allow customers to combine existing live camera processing with video capture. It also adds high-level features designed to detect gender, age and partial facial concealment recognition.”

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